Historical Weather Data Products and Services

Weather Source archives past weather data from weather stations all over the world. All of our weather data is obtained from Government sources, primarily the National Weather Service and the National Climatic Data Center, and must pass numerous rigorous quality control checks before being made available to market. 

to which Weather Source
provides Data and Services

Industry Description
Personal Many uses: insurance, legal, vacations, real estate
Insurance Investigate claims, litigate fraudulent claims
Construction Support contracts that have weather allowances
Engineering Need to understand "design weather" parameters
Retail &
Use weather information to correlate sales
Snow Plowing Contracts are often settled on measure snow
Facilities Mgrs Justify weather related invoices
Energy Need to correlate energy use with weather
Legal Support for legal cases
Agriculture Understand probability of important growing weather
Aviation Weather probability studies, flight planning
Education Facilities Access to weather information for research
Financial Support for weather options (derivatives)

Weather data is ingested continuously at Weather Source to keep our global weather database up-to-date. Many of the datasets are updated through yesterday, while some are even updated and hourly and even up-to-the-minute. Some of the government data is slower to become available (delayed in the order of weeks or months) but the day it becomes available, it's automatically ingested, quality controlled and added to our up-to-date databases. 

The Weather Source database is a one-of-a-kind database of weather information built from a combination of multiple datasets merged into one comprehensive "super" database of weather information unlike anything else on the market today. By merging together numerous different datasets, voids in one dataset are often filled by one of the other datasets, resulting in database that has higher data densities and is more complete than any of the original datasets. In addition all candidate data are quality controlled and corrected where possible before being accepted into the Weather Source database. The end result is a "super" database that is more complete and more accurate than any other weather database in existence - period!
It is this "super" database that is at the core of all Weather Source products and services. You can rest assured knowing that the products and services obtained through Weather Source are the best available.
Weather Source offers the following historical weather data products and services:    

U.S. Data    

Weather source offers historical weather data for 12,000+ US weather stations dating back to 1900 to current time. In addition to our own quality control measures, some of the data is quality controlled by the US government. The delay in availability of the government quality controlled data can be 3-6 months. But in order to keep our database as up-to-date as possible, our database is updated with quality controlled data the day it becomes available. We also put more recent government data through our own quality control measures so we can make more data available to you as soon as possible. The result is the most complete, up-to-date offering of US government historical weather data possible.

The Weather Source Weather Warehouse delivers data in real time; no need to call or write us, get your information immediately...

The Weather Warehouse currently offer two products, daily and data, consisting of the following:

Hourly Weather Data

Available from 1973 onward, information from 1900+ stations includes 24 individual reports per day

Daily Weather Data

Available from 1902 onward
Daily data from 10,000+ stations

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Maximum Wind Speed
  • Dew Point
  • Humidity
  • Visibility
  • Significant Weather Observations (Rain, freezing rain, snow, fog, thunder, lightning, hail, tornado)
  • Daily High Temperature
  • Daily Low Temperature
  • Daily Mean Temperature
  • Daily Total Rainfall
  • Daily Total Snowfall
  • HDD (Heating Degree Days)
  • CDD (Cooling Degree Days)
  • GDD (Growing Degree Days)

Not all stations report all data at all times. The Weather Warehouse has far more stations than most sources on the web. We provide tools for you to ascertain what data is present prior to purchase.

If you need some of the data listed above, you can purchase it right now now at the Weather Warehouse. Click here to head on over to the Warehouse.

If the data you need is not listed above, such as daily maximum wind speed or average daily dew point, average visibility, average cloud cover, or hourly wet bulb we can provide custom orders. 

Weather Source can also provide additional data via custom orders, such as the following:



Feels Like Temperature
Heat Index Temperature
Sea Level Pressure
Specific Humidity
Station Pressure
Wind Chill Temperature
Wet Bulb Temperature 

Max, Min & Mean Altimeter
Max, Min & Mean Cloud Cover
Max, Min & Mean Dew Point
Max, Min & Mean Feels Like Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Heat Index Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Humidity
Max, Min & Mean Sea Level Pressure
Max, Min & Mean Station Pressure
Max, Min & Mean Visibility
Max, Min & Mean Wind speed
Max, Min & Mean Wind Chill Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Wet Bulb Temperature
Significant Weather Summary

In addition to hourly and daily data, weekly, monthly, annual and other custom data aggregations are available upon request. Please contact us for more information regarding custom orders.

International Data        

To complete the global weather data offering, Weather Source also offers international historical weather data for thousands of weather stations around. Just like the U.S. data, our international data also must pass numerous rigorous quality control checks before it's available to market.

International data is available from 1973 onward as hourly or daily data derived from hourly.
The following parameters are available:

Hourly Daily
Cloud Cover
Dew Point
Feels Like Temperature
Heat Index Temperature
Sea Level Pressure
Specific Humidity
Station Pressure
Wet Bulb Temperature
Wind Chill Temperature
Wind Direction
Wind Gust
Wind Speed   
Max, Min & Mean Altimeter
Max, Min & Mean Cloud Cover
Max, Min & Mean Dew Point
Max, Min & Mean Feels Like Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Heat Index Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Humidity
Max, Min & Mean Sea Level Pressure
Max, Min & Mean Specific Humidity
Max, Min & Mean Station Pressure
Max, Min & Mean Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Visibility
Max, Min & Mean Wind speed
Max, Min & Mean Wind Chill Temperature
Max, Min & Mean Wet Bulb Temperature
Total Precipitation

* Most international stations don't report hourly precipitation amounts. Instead they report 6 and/or 12 hourly aggregated precipitation amounts. But since many users want precipitation in hourly bins, Weather Source developed our Virtual Precipitation method. This method takes the 6 and/or 12 hourly aggregated amounts and parses them into hourly bins based on an analysis of other reported variables such as the present weather indicators, cloud cover, and humidity.

International data is not yet available on line, but can be obtained via a custom order. Contact us for more information and quotes. In addition to hourly and daily data, weekly, monthly, annual and other custom data aggregations are available upon request.

Cleaned Data

Weather Source's data cleaning service is designed to produce a complete time series of weather data variables by filling in missing observations via Weather Analytics' Sensor Point model. The Sensor Point model is an application of numerical weather prediction (NWP) modeling technology. It is designed to create accurate, site-specific time series of environmental data. The Sensor Point model has been coupled with NOAA NCEP reanalysis model to reproduce historical data. To "downscale" the modeled data to the typical sensor footprint of 1 to 10 km, the Sensor Point model assimilates all raw sensor observations that are available. Cleaned data is available for both US and International hourly data.

Cleaned data is not yet available on line, but can be obtained via a custom order. Contact us for more information and quotes.

Please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery of cleaned data orders.

Data Delivery

All custom data orders can be provided via email, ftp, http (web page) and can be provided in numerous formats, most commonly comma delimited (CSV) ASCII text files; contact us regarding other formats. Some US daily and hourly data is available right now via our online store, the Weather Warehouse. If the data you need is not available via the Weather Warehouse - please contact us.

Other Services and Products:

DVD Data Sets: Hourly Zip Code Weather Impact Analysis

Designed for businesses that need extreme detail at the zip code level, we have created data sets perfect for insurance, marketing and other applications. Data is available from 1999 to present for the continental US. Check here for more information.

Weather Frequency Analysis

Weather Source provides two different analysis services designed to provide information on how often certain weather occurs.

Our Weather Binning Analysis assigns weather events into bins and then uses the bin counts to determine the frequency at which each weather event occurs In this figure we see an example of an analysis for wet bulb temperature. First the wet bulb tempereratures are organized in 1 degree bins. Then the bin counts are determined by counting the number of occurrences where the wet bulb temperature was greater than or equal to the bin threshold.

Finally the percent frequency of occurrence is determined by dividing the number of occurrences for each bin by the total number of possible occurrences.  

The Weather Source GPD Analysis is used to determine the return level and return period for extreme weather events. The analysis is based on the Generalized Pareto Distribution (GPD) method for determining return periods for extreme events.  This figure is an example of a return period plot for maximum daily wind speeds. Typically we provide the return levels for return periods of 10, 25, 50 and 100 year events, but our analysis is flexible to accommodate producing a return level for nearly any period you require.

Forensic Weather Analysis

By bringing together historical weather observations and satellite and radar information we can produce a comprehensive and accurate analysis of past weather for virtually any location. An advantage to using multiple sets of weather information is that each piece of information helps support other information to convey what the weather really was. Manned weather observations are verified by satellite and radar and vice versa such that the whole analysis becomes indisputable evidence of what the past weather truly was. In most cases we can produce accurate analysis of what the weather was in an area about the size of a square mile and on time intervals down to a few minutes. We can also provide expert testimony of completed analyses.

Weather Impact Analysis

You know weather impacts your business. We can help you quantify and manage negative weather impacts and maximize the advantages of positive weather. The result: more control, less weather risk and higher profits.

Weather Information Subscriptions

If you require weather information updated automatically at regular intervals, a dependable Weather Source subscription is just what you need.

Custom Solutions and Consulting

Many times it takes more than weather information to solve weather issues, our team of meteorologists and programmers can create custom solutions to address your unique weather needs