Hourly Zipcode Weather

Imagine a weather dataset that merges hourly satellite, radar and weather station observations to create detailed weather information for over 41,000 zipcodes on hourly and daily increments.

Such detailed information has myriad uses.

If your business needs detailed hourly weather information at the zipcode level, this is the ultimate data set for you!


Hourly Low High Mean Total
Relative Humidity
Wind Speed & Direction
Cloud Cover 
Rain Indicator
Rainfall  Amount
Snowfall Indicator
Snowfall Amount
Hail Indicator


Rain Slick
Road Indicator
Slick Road Indicator
Snow-Ice Slick
Road Indicator
Sun Glare Indicator
Sun Angle
Dusk time period
(civil twilight)
Dawn time period
(civil twilight)
Business Day
Fair Weather Index
Dining and Entertainment
Fair Weather Index

Designed for businesses that need extreme detail at the zipcode level, this data set is perfect for insurance, marketing and other applications.

Disk Set

Data is available from 1998 to 2007 for the continental United States. Each year of data is packaged on two DVDs for the eastern and western US.

The table lists the 22 weather and other parameters of this comprehensive data set.


Per year: $ 4,500
Complete seven year set: $ 28,000
Ongoing monthly updates: $ 1,250 per month

The Hourly Zipcode Weather is sold by the year or as a complete set of DVDs from 1998 through 2007. Updates are available on monthly or yearly intervals.

Never before has a weather data set with this level of detail been available!

Prices subject to change without notice. Usage of these disks subject to contractual limitations.