Weather Source offers a wide array of expertise enabling us to provide custom solutions in many different industries. Here are some selected examples of work we have done for clients


A trucking company contacted Weather Source because the steel they had transported from the factory to the plant was found to be rusty at the plant. According to the shipping contract, the trucking company was financially responsible for damaged or rusting steel while on route. The shipping company suspected that the steel developed the rust while sitting outside the plant for days while waiting to be put into storage. The shipping company provided Weather Source with a sequence of times and locations which defined the shipping route of the truck hauling the steel. By synchronizing these times and locations with weather information form Weather Sources extensive weather archive, we were able to show that the steel was not subjected to rain or precipitation along the route.

Insurance - Legal

An insurance company contacted Weather Source to assist them in revealing the truth about a claim they suspected of being fraudulent. The nature of the claim was wind damage that occurred within a specified time. Weather Source was able to bring together a comprehensive set of weather evidence including station observations and satellite and radar information to prove beyond a doubt that the purported damaging winds never occurred during the time specified and neither did they occur within 2 weeks either side of the day in question. In the end it was determine that the damage was the result of poor designed coupled with regular wear and tear.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

An HVAC engineering firm contacted Weather Source when they realized that an HVAC unit they installed in Alaska was not working correctly. The HVAC company suspected the prescribed local climate information needed to tune the HVAC setup was inaccurate. They were right. As it turns out, Alaska has been experiencing a dramatic climate change over the past decade, and the local climate specs for tuning HVAC units were not reflective of the current climate conditions in the area of interest. Weather Source was able to show that the design wet bulb temperatures had warmed considerably since the original design wet bulb temperatures were calculated years ago. With this update information the HVAC company was able to correct the problem.


A turf management firm was marketing a revolutionary turf drainage system and needed historical rainfall information for thousands of locations as part of their marketing effort. Weather Source was able to quickly provide the required weather information in a easy to use format that enabled the company to immediately use the information in their marketing campaign.

Automobile Manufacturing

A major international automobile manufacturer contacted Weather Source because they needed detailed weather information as an input to correctly tuning pollution control systems in their automobiles. Weather Source was able to provide them with detailed weather information for their market areas around the world. The weather information included hourly weather observations as well as trend corrected averages of hourly weather parameters.

Airline Industry

An airline contacted Weather Source needing to integrate weather into their scheduling and flight route planning system. They needed to know the current weather in the regions along their flight routes and they also wanted to be alerted to changes in the weather that typically pose challenges to the flights and scheduling. Weather Source was able to provide a solution that incorporated surface and upper air weather information and alerts of changing conditions into a comprehensive product that help this airline stay ahead of the weather.


A forensic C.P.A contacted Weather Source because his client sells products used in outdoor construction and allegedly sales of this product slumped due to poor construction conditions (i.e. an abnormally high number of rainy days). The CPA needed to confirm that this was case by comparing the number of rainy days that year versus prior years. Weather Source maintains an extensive database including rainfall data for thousands of cities around the world and was able to quickly provide a comparison for a 10-state mid-atlantic region where his client sells the product. The result was our analysis clearly showed that the year in question indeed had many more rainy days than other recent years.


An energy company began operations in Orlando, FL and needed to know the weather conditions for the prior year - 2004. Weather Source provided this data in an easy to read format which allowed them to quickly determine the peak wind speeds and rainfall associated with the hurricanes and thunderstorms that hit the area, as well as other daily information such minimum, maximum and average relative humidity, cloud cover and temperature. Weather Source not only maintains extensive archives for thousands of cities in the US and internationally, but can also provide continual updates to energy companies needing to keep their systems constantly updated with daily and hourly weather information.