Weather Source is a pioneer in the weather information business. 

Not only does Weather Source set itself apart from other weather companies with its expertise and capability to provide a rich offering of historical weather information and weather statistics, but by turning this information into targeted solutions for business, Weather Source provides a service unmatched by anyone in the weather industry.


Weather Source maintains a one-of-a-kind database of weather information built from a combination of multiple datasets merged into one comprehensive "super" database of weather information unlike anything else on the market today. By merging together numerous different datasets, voids in one dataset are often filled by one of the other datasets, resulting in database that has higher data densities and is more complete than any of the original datasets. In addition all candidate data are quality controlled and corrected where possible before being accepted into the Weather Source database. The end result is a "super" database that is more complete and more accurate than any other weather database in existence - period!

It is this "super" database that is at the core of all Weather Service products and services. You can rest assured knowing that the products and services obtained through Weather Source are the best available.


Comprehensive and robust are the two words which best describe the Weather Source Historical Observations Database.

Comprehensive because our database is composed of base data from numerous sources. From these we create merged datasets that are more complete than any single source. This allows us to provide you with virtually any weather information you may need.

Robust because our system of data quality control and cleaning methods ensure that the data you need is accurate and of the highest quality.


Weather Source maintains redundant 24x7x365 weather information systems that continually process weather observations from weather stations around the world. 

These advanced systems ingest, decode and perform data quality control tests in real-time. The resulting information is then distributed to users in real-time.