Weather Source is the premier provider of high quality historical and real-time digital weather information for 10,000's of locations across the US and around the world.

Weather Warehouse

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Get direct online access to the most comprehensive weather database in existence. Access options available for single use, reoccurring use and multi-user needs. More...

We also provide consulting and develop custom solutions for clients by bringing together our vast weather databases, advanced in-house technologies and a wealth of meteorological experience. We routinely help clients from business sectors such as insurance, retail, energy, agriculture, construction, engineering, aviation, financial, transportation, legal and others.

Baseball and the weather

"Mark Gibbas of Weather Source found what he called a 'meaningful and possibly substantial' correlation between heat index and home runs..." Weather Source helps answer the question for the New York Times.

For business and individuals alike, if you are in need of historical or real-time weather information, or if you need consulting or a tailored solution for a challenging weather problem, Weather Source is your best source for cost effective information, solutions and dependable service.


You've realized that your business would be much more successful if weather information was offered.  
The experts at Weather Source can help you in a variety of ways to find the best way to integrate weather data into your product.

ther Warehouse

Products and Services

Designed for businesses that need extreme detail at the zipcode level, our data sets are perfect for insurance, marketing and other applications. Data is available from 1998 to 2007 for the continental US. More...

 The Weather Source Database

If you can't find what you need through the Weather Warehouse, The Weather Source Database can deliver what you need. Data access fees start as low as $150. Service includes a consultation with Weather Source experts to help ensure you get the best information for your needs. Here is a partial ist of supported weather information.

Information such as: 'what percent of the time certain weather occurs' and 'what the magnitude of a 100-year weather event is'. More...

Leveraging historical weather observations, and satellite and radar information we can produce a comprehensive and accurate analysis of past weather for virtually any location. We can also provide expert testimony of completed analyses. More...

 Weather Information Subscriptions

If you require weather information updated automatically at regular intervals, a dependable Weather Source subscription is just what you need. More...